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    With the release of the national two - child policy, more and more families have second children, which has new requirements for children's education, and parents want their children to be able to receive more comprehensive and higher education. In China, with the improvement of the people's living standard, the demand for the quality of education is becoming more and more prominent. The demand for preschool education is no longer a simple nursery, but it is hoped that early education can help children to improve their ability in many aspects. The size of the early education market contains a huge development prospect. Therefore, after a lot of investigation, in the end, the 2016 group, through its Singapore company ZEAVION Holding (Yixiang Holdings), bought the early childhood growth education business of the United States golden Babi Corp, and formally involved in the education industry.

    About Gymboree
    Gymboree is the first brand of early education in the world. It was founded in 1976. It is a child growth expert from the United States. It focuses on the happy growth, healthy growth and harmonious family of children. It brings 360 degree of care to the family in the world.
    In the past 40 years, precious baby has always been trying to understand children, teaching parents how to make children grow up and grow together with their children.
    Ms. Joan Barnes, the founder of Gymboree, was named "twenty influential people to change childhood in the United States" because of his revolutionary idea of early childhood education, with Walt Disney, Beatles, and J.K. Rowling.
    At present, more than 40 countries and 730 early education centers in the world, 42000 families can enjoy the happy childcare teaching of Gymboree golden babe every day. Since entering China in 2003, there are 260 early education centers and 140 cities, covering 30 provinces and cities.

    The core advantage of  Gymboree

    The six major educational ideas
    Gymboree proposes and implements the six major early education ideas to help Chinese parents' "childcare providers" and bring Chinese families "happiness". These six ideas are also regarded as "early teaching philosophy" and are deeply familiar with and liked by Chinese families. In the next six short films, we will go into the classroom and understand how the six ideas are applied to every day in class through the six short films.


    Three core courses
    According to the characteristics of babies of different ages, Gymboree has a perfect curriculum system, which is generally divided into music education, music and art courses.

    Full service content, 24 hours continuous childcare service.

    1) diversified digital platform: Gymboree official mall,  Gymboree official website, Gymboree official WeChat,  Gymboree Club
    2) free Auditions
    3) new parents' Association
    4) the order of the learning order
    5) rich and colorful members' exclusive activities
    6) lectures by well-known experts at home and abroad
    7) parental Salon

    Industry leader

    Gymboree has been rated as "the fastest growing parent and children's early education curriculum system", 35% of the customer recommendation rate, in the brand awareness and brand preference has a continuous expansion advantage.

    In the future, China, with large market capacity, will undoubtedly become the home of flight education business. The group will take Gymboree  as the center, maintain its advantages, continue to expand, and cooperate with many resources innovatively, extend the upstream and downstream, and develop multi format.

    ----Consolidating the North American market and expanding the emerging markets
    In North America, the number of gold babes will continue to increase; meanwhile, we are also concerned about the investment opportunities in the emerging markets in the education sector in Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Sweden), South America (Panama, Nicaragua, Uruguay), Asia (Laos, Kampuchea), and Africa (Morocco, Nigeria, Algeria, South Africa) are widely distributed.
    ----Deep ploughing the Chinese market and steady leading position
    In China, the Gymboree will continue to strengthen the layout of the first tier cities, while further infiltrating to the two or three line city, selectively expanding to four or five line cities, and continuing to launch new products and services in the existing center. The planned franchise stores increase by 35-40 each year, and the direct stores increase by 2 each year.
    ----Relying on national policy to do deep vertical fields

    On the basis of the early childhood education, the group will further integrate the industry resources, extend the layout of the education industry to the kindergartens, primary schools and junior middle schools, and pay attention to the Internet Education and education to create the whole industry chain ecology of the flight group's education industry, expand to the K12 education and realize the endogenous growth.
    At present, it has been planned to establish the Gymboree education and Culture Industrial Park in Suzhou Industrial Park, where the group headquarters is located.

    "The golden Babi Corp is very proud to lay a solid foundation for the early business of the Gymboree, and the importance of ZEAVION to education and the development plan for the Gymboree early education is also encouraging us," Mark Breitbard, chief executive of golden treasure, said at the completion of the acquisition.
    In the education industry, especially the early education industry makes flying full of vitality, new field, new starting point, flying to Gymboree early education show full attention and perfect development plan, let us hope to fly in the field of education in the bloom!



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